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Every month you will receive:

Dear Friends: Each Magnificat opens with a thoughtful greeting from Léonie Caldecott, addressing an important aspect of the month's Magnificat.

Editorial: Léonie Caldecott, composes an original article of spiritual significance.

 Blessings: Centered on the liturgical season or a significant feast within the month, special blessings and prayers are here to enrich your daily prayer.

Hymn of the Month and Marian Antiphon: An ancient hymn, presented in Latin and translated into English to share the Church's rich tradition of chant and liturgical music, accompanied by a Marian Antiphon, again presented in Latin and translated into English.

Prayer at Night: Traditionally a short prayer, with fewer variations than the Prayers for Morning and Evening, so that, if desired, it can be memorised. People have most often prayed it alone immediately before retiring for the night. Families or other groups might also want to pray it together.

Daily Prayers for the Morning and the Evening: Magnificat provides an excellent program of daily prayer inspired by the Liturgy of the Hours, the prayers recited by deacons, priests, and religious throughout the world. Readers join the Church's daily rhythm of prayer with psalms, hymns, canticles, readings, intercessions, and prayers – all adapted to the liturgical seasons and feasts.

Daily Mass: Complete texts of the prayers and readings for Mass.

Meditation of the Day: A meditation on the Gospel or the theme of the day from Fathers of the Church, saints, great spiritual writers, popes, and contemporary authors.

Essays: Throughout your monthly Magnificat, spiritual writings from monthly contributors such as Bishop Robert Barron, Father Richard Veras, Professor Anthony Esolen, blogger Heather King, and more! They share their personal experiences or give us a deeper insight into the beauty of Catholicism.

Art Commentaries: Each month Magnificat provides two art commentaries: a short reflection on the cover by founding publisher Pierre-Marie Dumont, and an in-depth art history article detailing a second piece of art presented in the back of the issue.

Deepen your relationship with Jesus, his Blessed Mother, and his Church as you pray in the way the Church has been praying for hundreds of years.